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Distribution Technology

Resistance is Futile: Embracing Artificial Intelligence

What are the most important things about AI that distributors need to know?
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Drone Deliveries are Happening Today and That’s Just the Beginning

New, free report from MDM and PROS Software outlines how artificial intelligence will affect the future of the distribution industry.
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Commentary: How Do You Spell Respect?

This is not a diatribe about technology
This is not a diatribe about technology. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access to the following related articles: MDM-Baird Distribution ...
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AI is Changing How Distributors Operate

Assess technology’s impact on your day-to-day operations before your firm falls behind
MDM webinar highlights the growing role of AI in distributors’ business operations and why it’s imperative to develop a strategy that considers competitors’ capabilities and customer expectations. This article includes: The Different Types of AI ...
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The Cost of Not Upgrading Your Technology

Are you keeping up with customer expectations?
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Falling Cost of Technology Helps Distributors Compete

Be selective in how you create customer value.
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Tip: Don't Fear Automation, At Least Not Entirely

Training the workforce for new skills makes more sense than denying the future.
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Tip: Don’t Fear Innovation

Training for new skills makes more sense than trying to hold back the future.
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This Truck Makes Wide Turns... All by Itself

Are “driverless” trucks the cure to the driver shortage?
Truck drivers are a hot commodity in an industry suffering from an operator shortage. New technologies offered by companies like Uber Freight and Tesla may be just the thing to not only lure the next ...
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Tip: Let the Customer Dictate How You Use New Technology

The latest innovation doesn't mean much if your customers don't want it.
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