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Distribution Technology

Help Your Customers See Better

What’s the state of procurement in 2018?
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Tip: Build a Three-Year Plan to Optimize Analytics

Growing analytics at a steady, yet manageable pace can ensure long-term success.
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Overwhelmed by New Technology? Here's What Really Matters

Start by figuring out how your customers want to buy.
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Tip: Digitize if You Want to Stay Competitive

There is no stopping change, so get on board with online marketing, other tools.
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How to Calculate Vending ROI

Weigh these costs and benefits before venturing into the vending fray.
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CRM Success Requires Broad-Based Support

Think beyond outside sales when implementing CRM.
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ROI from CRM Remains Elusive

Distributors with high buy-in, team engagement see best results
In October 2017, we surveyed MDM readers about how they use or plan to use CRM. This article looks at the strategies employed by companies that reported ROI with those that didn’t to uncover best ...
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Tip: Boost Analytics by Appointing Leader with Experience

Analytics capabilities critical for distributors to compete in changing marketplace.
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No Shortage of Oblivious

Who is the enlightened leader leading your company out of the digital darkness?
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7 Steps to Elevate Analytics in 2018

Follow these tips to start building a data-driven culture.
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