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MDM Interview: Minimizing Risk in Your Business

Expert shares why distributors should identify, rank & manage potential risk
Distributors face many kinds of risk, including product liability claims, economic uncertainty, employee injuries, natural disasters and supply chain disruptions. By identifying potential scenarios, and ranking and planning for each of them, risk can be ...
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MDM Interview: Fastenal’s Vending Evolution

Fastenal CEO on building the industry’s largest vending program
Fastenal is largely credited with driving the latest boom in industrial vending services among distributors. Fastenal had nearly 30,000 vending machines installed as of the end of the second quarter 2013, and while it ...
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Tip: Reallocate Resources to Take Advantage of New Opportunities

Resource reallocation is at the crux of meaningful change.
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MDM Interview: Univar Balances Global, Local Markets

CEO on how the chemicals distributor approaches growth
A global business requires the flexibility to respond to regional needs while acting as a unified company – all in an effort to serve the customer. Associate Editor Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier spoke with Erik Fyrwald, ...
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MDM Interview: Building a Collaborative Culture

‘Command-and-control’ techniques are no longer as effective as they once were
Evan Rosen’s latest book, The Bounty Effect: 7 Steps to the Culture of Collaboration,addresses how companies can build an internal culture of collaboration, moving away from the traditional command-and-control setup to a collaborative approach ...
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MDM Interview: Countering Price Pressure in Distribution

While price pressure is high, there are steps distributors can take to push back
In January, Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global consulting firm, released results from the Global Pricing Study 2012, including key results for distributors and wholesalers. Editor Lindsay Konzak spoke with Wolfgang Mitschke, director at Simon-Kucher, ...
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Recommended Reading: Interline Brands & Arrow Electronics Market Leader Profiles

In 2013, MDM profiled two Market Leaders, who are among the largest distributors in their market segments.
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MDM Interview: Arrow Electronics Plots a Global Course

This article is available in MDM's 2013 Distribution Trends Report. This is an interview with Tim Kolbus, vice president of global logistics services for Arrow, one of the Top 5 Electronics Distributors in 2013. Earlier ...
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MDM Interview: Interline Brands’ Growth in Jan-San Distribution

This article is available in the 2013 Distribution Trends Report. This is an interview with Ken Sweder, president and COO of Interline Brands, one of the Top 40 Industrial Distributors in 2013. Interline Brands has ...
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Replenex: Get Beyond Price Savings When Documenting Value

"Piece price savings hardly scratch the surface," president says in 7 Minutes With ... interview.
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