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Distribution Case Studies

Top 10 Most-Read MDM Blogs of 2013

MDM's most popular blogs highlight the importance of adapting to changes in technology.
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Applied Industrial Technologies Relaunches Vending Offering

The renewed focus on vending is part of Applied's rebranded VMI program.
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Recommended Reading: Distributor Case Studies in Industrial Vending

Distributors talk about best practices and lessons learned in vending.
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Vending Case Study: New to Vending, Distributor Hones Approach

Stauffer Glove & Safety discovers the value vending brings to customer relationships
Stauffer Glove & Safety began offering vending two years ago, and already the distributor of safety products is reaping the benefits of the offering. This article is part of MDM’s series on the industrial vending ...
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Vending Case Study: Understanding Customer Needs Critical

Machine Tools Supply: Design vending programs with customers' unique needs in mind
A successful vending program will result in mutual benefit for the distributor providing the solution and the customer using it. This article is a case study about how industrial distributor Machine Tools Supply has achieved ...
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Vending Case Study: Documenting Vending's Value

Deco Tool Supply: 'Unless it's documented & presented, it didn't happen'
The most important part of providing a vending solution is providing the documentation on what that program has done for the customer, according to industrial distributor Deco Tool Supply. This article is a case study ...
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Vending Case Study: SnapVend Aims to Even Playing Field

New AD-supported offering adds a low-cost option to market
As interest in vending has spiked, small and mid-sized distributors are under increasing demand from customers to supply the service. But for some, the cost to begin can be prohibitive. Vending machine and software ...
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Former Production Tool Supply President’s New Online Distribution Venture

Mark Kahn launches as an online only distributor selling American-made products.
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Congratulations to the 2013 MDM Market Movers

Replenex, Machinery Tooling & Supply and A&M Industrial are being recognized this year for innovative approaches to business.
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2013 MDM Market Mover: A&M Industrial Carves Out Emergency Response Niche

In 2013, MDM is recognizing distributors that are innovative in their approach to their markets. A&M Industrial, Rahway, NJ, was selected as an MDM Market Mover for its shift in focus away from products ...
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