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Distribution Case Studies

2011 Market Mover: Johnson Air Products - Leading in LEED

Distributor becomes a resource for customers, vendors on LEED
In 2011, MDM is recognizing distributors that are innovative in their approach to their markets. These Market Movers will be featured in this space. Johnson Air Products is the final distributor featured. When the ...
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2011 Market Mover: Werner Electric Builds Employee Loyalty

Programs keep focus on employee health, training and retention
In 2011, MDM is recognizing distributors that are innovative in their approach to their markets. These Market Movers will be featured in this space. Werner Electric Supply is the first distributor featured. Employees at ...
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Facing the Perfect Storm

Distributor Western Tool Supply and importer STO Industries share their stories of going into – and coming out of – bankruptcy
The precarious position of companies serving residential construction markets was made even worse in late 2008 by the turmoil in the financial markets. For Western Tool Supply, a distributor, and STO Industries, a fastener ...
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Case Studies: Strategies for Recovery

Distributors share strategies that helped them through the recession
This article provides a series of short case studies MDM gleaned from its interviews with dozens of distributors for its recent 2010 MDM Market Leaders and Distribution Landscape Report. Topics covered in this article: ...
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Distributor Stays Put After Town Recognizes Its Value

Here's a short but interesting article on a California floor products distributor who was about to move elsewhere when a town, recognizing the value the company brought to the community, made it more affordable to ...
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A Case Study on Effective Knowledge Transfer

I spoke with David DeLong, author of "Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce," for the latest issue of MDM. He shared with me a case study about effective knowledge transfer from ...
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Grainger Hosting Green Events For Earth Day

Grainger, Lake Forest, IL, a distributor of facilities maintenance supplies, will host green educational events to honor Earth Day in 25 markets across the country focused on helping businesses and institutions garner the knowledge and tools ...
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Case Studies: Saving Hard Dollars in MROP

The 20% Solution: Special Negotiated Discounts -To negotiate the best deal, it is essential to understand the needs, problems and objectives of each party. Example: An earth products processor required special cartridge filters for its calcining ...
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Case Studies: Saving Soft Dollars in MROP

Competitive Advantage in MROPPurchase order costs include the entire procurement cycle: requisitioning, sourcing, placing the order, expediting, receiving, transporting, stocking, paying and so on. There are numerous soft-dollar savings that distributors can help their customers ...
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Case Study: Inviting Employees to the Table

Hisco uses feedback in plans to balance branch autonomy & central control
Houston, TX-based Hisco, a $191-million distributor of die-cuts, adhesives and MRO materials to the electronic assembly industry, wanted to optimize the balance between branch autonomy and centralized control in its 30 locations in the U.S., ...
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