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When customers started asking for more environmentally friendly options, Hagemeyer North America recognized an opportunity to meet customer needs and help the environment at the same time. The distributor created an all-green catalog.
A lot of these products are products that we already offered; this catalog is just the first time we've collected them into one vehicle,"says Brad Pulver, Hagemeyer North America's vice president for product strategy.
Most environmental offerings focus on electrical, because that's the easiest, Pulver says. But Hagemeyer wants to provide a broad range of products across all three of the distributor's service areas: electrical, industrial and safety.
Hagemeyer will continue expanding the catalog offerings as suppliers ...
As the housing market continues to slump and new installations of central air systems with it, Watsco Inc., Coconut Grove, FL, continues to increase profits by building upon the growing replacement market.
Senior Vice President Barry Logan told attendees at the Piper Jaffray Industrial Growth Conference on June 11 that environmental mandates and aging systems have driven the replacement market to 75 percent of the business Watsco is doing today.
The mandate signed into law in 2001 required that all new air conditioning and heat pump units improve efficiency by 30 percent by 2006. In addition, use of refrigerants that deplete the ozone was to be phased out entirely by 2010.
Though new products don't need to be in place before 2010, Watsco already ...
Green may finally be bringing in the green.
Businesses focusing on green products and production are starting to reach broader audiences as prices of traditional products keep going up due to their reliance on fossil-fuel related materials and energy, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. (Click here for full article. Subscription required.)
The fact that many of the companies focusing on environmentally friendly products also focus on environmentally friendly production has helped maintain prices that aren't driven by volatile energy prices. New Leaf Paper LLC, San Francisco, CA, works with mills to develop more ...
After four months and four bids, retailer Staples Inc., Framingham, MA, finally found the formula for reeling in Corporate Express NV. The offer to purchase the international office supplies distributor received the recommendation for approval from Corporate Express's supervisory and executive boards on June 11.
The move represents a significant shift in business focus for Staples that until now has centered on the retail market. After this acquisition, 60% of its business will be in the delivery and contract markets.
It's a great strategic fit that continues to build the delivery side of our business,"Paul Capelli, Staples vice president for public relations, tells MDM. In North America, delivery has been the fastest growing and most profitable segment for ...
With home sales down, and with that, sales of home improvement materials, Home Depot's timing in reinvesting the money made in part by selling off HD Supply may be raising some eyebrows. CEO Frank Blake spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the big decisions he has made and why it was important that they be made now.
Blake told the paper that the decision to invest more than $3 billion in company improvements over the next two years was not a difficult one to make. There's absolutely a benefit in making changes during a downturn,"he said. "It's easier for everyone to understand the need for the change when things are tougher and the risks are lower."
Blake has already used proceeds from the HD Supply sale to implement a new centralized distribution system. ...