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Thomas P. Gale


January M&A Roundup: Strong Start to 2019

There were a range of deal announcements across all sizes of distributors, including internationally.
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Lessons for Distributors from Dental Lawsuits

Digital disruption is changing the competitive dynamics in the marketplace.
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MDM Interview: The Transformation Journey of Lawson Products

Four years after transitioning its sales and digital models, Lawson Products President and CEO Michael DeCata delivers a progress report
Since the Great Recession of 2008-2009, few publicly-traded companies have undertaken as much change in sales model, technology platform, process improvement and culture as Chicago-based Lawson Products. From 2009 to 2013, Lawson converted all of ...
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Antitrust Actions Hit Dental Distribution Hard

How these companies got into trouble provides lessons across all sectors
Anticompetitive conduct lawsuits over several years are adding up to an estimated $100 million or more in settlement and legal fees for the three largest U.S. dental supplies distributors. A Federal Trade Commission case is ...
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Commentary: 3 Lessons for Distributors from Dental Industry Lawsuits

Antitrust issues are real and can have huge impacts
A series of antitrust lawsuits and other legal actions over the last several years will end up costing the largest three dental distributors in the U.S. upwards of $100 million in settlement fines and legal ...
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How One Distributor Killed Its Sales Titles and Grew Sales Faster

Far too many distributors have a disconnect in one or more parts of their current sales model.
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NAW Makes Shift Happen at Summit

This year’s summit says it’s time to stop waiting to be disrupted.
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The Unconventional Convention: Channel 2.0

This year’s ISA event will be a break from the past.
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Commentary: Preparing for a Turbulent Year

Three strategic moves you should consider in 2019
This issue features the results of our first Baird/MDM quarterly survey of 2019. Though the picture it paints is far from crystal clear and there are still many reasons to be optimistic about the industry’s ...
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MDM Interview: Berkshire eSupply Strengthens Digital Services Platforms

The company is extending its core services as a competitive advantage for its customers
In this article, MDM CEO Tom Gale interviews Berkshire eSupply CEO John Beaudoin to check in on the company’s strategy and focus in its transformation into a more powerful digital services provider to augment its ...
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