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Thomas P. Gale


November M&A Roundup: Nationals Continue to Expand

Here’s a recap of all the deals in November as reported by MDM.
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Commentary: The Value of Open Dialogue

The friend, foe or frenemy equation
The friend, foe or frenemy equation. Subscribers should log in below to read this article.
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HARDI Conference Centers on Legacy, Value

Relationships are multi-dimensional, not just about price and product
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October M&A Roundup: Marketing Group Mergers Top Deals

Distribution Groups Keep Expanding Across Verticals
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Commentary: Innovation Is More Than Strong Technology

Technology is a powerful tool, but you have to know how to wield it
Innovation has become a buzzword that’s had the tar and meaning beaten out of it. That’s unfortunate, because it cuts to the heart of how distributors are going to find growth and market share in ...
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E-commerce as Competitive Advantage

Distributors are struggling to build an effective online presence
The wholesale distribution industry is making the transition to e-commerce, but it is doing so slowly. Early adopters of transaction-enabled websites are not only positioning themselves well for the future but are also gaining a ...
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Digital Behavior: Let’s Talk Turkey

Many distributors are starting to feel skewered by the challenges posed by online competitors.
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Commentary: Beyond Amazon

Managing Digital, Disruption and Change
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Amazon Business Prime News: One Million Same-Day SKUs and New Benefits

What will be the impact of Amazon’s new Business Prime benefits on distributors?
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Commentary: Key Growth Drivers for 2019

Combining digital and analytics is a 1+1=3 equation
Most companies in this third quarter have spent time translating strategy into a 2019 business plan. We receive a lot of inquiries about where the winds are blowing the tea leaves as planning teams develop ...
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