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Ian Heller


Distributors Must Hang Together – or Hang Separately

No individual distributor can fight and win in this time of disruption by going it alone.
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Walmart for Business Shows B2B Aspirations and Google Builds a Retail Marketplace

Is the retail giant coming after distributors’ business?
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The Death of the Keyboard in the Online Order

The transition away from keyboards is already underway and it has big implications for distributors.
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Distributors are About to Get Commoditized

Nearly every product you sell will soon be readily available, online, from other sellers who can deliver quickly, too.
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“What Percentage of Your Sales are Online?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Meeting customer needs is the most important metric for distributors.
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The e-commerce marketplace is working with independent distributors nationwide
As President of Kelly & Hayes, a 73-year-old commercial and industrial electrical supply house, Christian Brockey knows firsthand the challenge of selling materials that have been sitting on the shelf for years. “Often, we say ...
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How Distributors Can Raise Margins Without Raising Prices

Six mistakes keeping you from buying at the lowest possible prices.
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I’m Too Busy to Think About Profits!

Growing profits is the true measure of a great business. How much time do you spend learning how to get more profit out of your company?
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Your Inside Sales People are Giving Away Your Profits

Approaching calls with a customer-service focus often results in unsolicited discounts that create an unnecessary margin hit.
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Maybe Your Margin Problem is That You’re Buying Wrong, Not Selling Wrong

Five solutions to common distributor purchasing mistakes that will put lost dollars back in your pocket.
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