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Debbie Paul


How to Find – and Grow – High-Potential Customer Accounts

With relatively little investment, proactive inside sales teams can become a valuable tool to increase sales and margins from small and mid-sized accounts.
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MDM Special Report: Beyond Sales Training in Distribution

This report, now available in PDF format, is a benefit for MDM Premium subscribers. Simply log-in below to access and download this series of articles. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below. Employees are one of ...
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Mind the Training Gap for Negotiation

Negotiation critical for more than field sales
Distributors lag when it comes to follow-up or reinforcement training, and they woefully lack in negotiation training, even though a major part of a buyer’s role is negotiating with vendors. This article, based on ...
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How to Overcome Training Challenges

Offering ongoing, in-depth sales training for employees critical for success
Distributors say they want to provide more training to their employees. But decisions about product and sales training delivery, measurement and retention aren’t always simple. This article, based on the results of a recent ...
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Move Beyond Sales Training

Changing customer needs require new skill sets
Employees are one of the primary reasons for success in distribution, but training programs and budgets often do not reflect their importance. This article, based on the results of a recent Real Results Marketing ...
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2016 State of Distribution Inside Sales: Strive to be Proactive

Too many distributors’ inside sales teams remain reactive
A joint MDM-Real Results Marketing survey revealed that inside sales teams struggle in balancing proactive and reactive sales activities. This article examines how distributors can streamline those activities to make their inside sales teams ...
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2015 State of Distributor Marketing: Effective Strategy Solves Challenges

Survey: E-commerce also grows in importance as sales channel
A joint MDM-Real Results Marketing survey revealed that while many distributors do not view marketing planning and strategy as a challenge, a plan would eliminate a host of other marketing challenges they face. This ...
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Yes, Customers Want to Hear from You

Distributors should reach out more frequently with timely, relevant marketing
Distributors often fear that they will annoy their customers with too many marketing messages. But if those marketing messages are relevant, customers actually welcome them. This article examines customer preferences for marketing communications and ...
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The Case for Proactive Inside Sales

Effective programs don’t require huge capital investments
The May 25, 2012, issue of MDM featured an article on the state of proactive selling in distribution on both outbound and inbound calls. Proactivity was defined as making planned outbound calls and/or leveraging ...
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The State of Call Centers & Inside Sales in Distribution

Survey: Proactive selling often takes backseat to administrative tasks
Inside sales can be a powerful source of growth, especially when integrated with field sales, e-commerce and direct response marketing. This article provides a snapshot of how distributors who responded to a recent MDM ...
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