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Randy MacLean


How Analytics are Democratizing the Distribution Market

Companies are taking control of their market position by adopting and using advanced analytics.
Dependence on traditional measures such as gross margin can put a drag on growth and profits. New metrics such as cash-flow value to expenses or expenses as percent of revenue, combined with customer-focused services, are ...
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The Analytics of Operational Efficiency in Distribution

Distributors cannot generate high profit rates without high efficiency.
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Identify and Act on Accounts That Eat Your Lunch

These high-volume, low-profit customers can put your company at risk.
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How to Grow a Profit Analytics Culture

Distributors can shift from a revenue-share mindset to a profit-share mindset by zeroing in on three key metrics
Analytics-driven operations can deliver staggering profit gains, but it takes a visionary leader who won’t accept a company’s current limited analytical expertise. In this article the author, who will outline these concepts at MDM’s Pricing ...
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MDM Special Report: Making Money with Small Customers

This report, now available in PDF format, is a benefit for MDM Premium subscribers. Simply log-in below to access and download this series of articles. Not a subscriber? Subscribe or purchase online access below. ...
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Making Money with Small Customers: Balancing Margin & Cost

The key to success is keeping services costs in line with gross profit
Predicting profitability of an order by measuring average margin is ineffective. Averages are susceptible to outliers and rarely represent the true value of any individual measure within the set. In this article, the authors ...
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5 Business Areas to Improve to Better Compete Against Amazon

Is Amazon a real threat to distributors?
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Uncover Sweet Spots Using Net Profit

Examine profitability to segment markets, target new customers
This article examines ways distributors can use net profit or net before compensation to segment their markets and target new customer acquisition efforts. The authors argue that this approach will be more lucrative and ...
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