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Brian Gardner


ROI from CRM Remains Elusive

Distributors with high buy-in, team engagement see best results
In October 2017, we surveyed MDM readers about how they use or plan to use CRM. This article looks at the strategies employed by companies that reported ROI with those that didn’t to uncover best ...
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Why Sales Force Turnover is a Major Problem (and What to Do About It)

Sales force turnover is a critical problem for distributors.
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'Think Like Columbo' to Uncover Opportunities with Existing Customers

Current volume does not reveal potential volume; dig deeper.
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Think Beyond Outside Sales

Consider how all customer-facing departments in your company communicate.
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Use 4-D Account Profiling to Sell More

Go deeper than one-dimensional account profiling to identify high-growth customers.
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Don't Lose Your Sales Leads

How do you sort the qualified leads from the unqualified?
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5 Questions to Move Sales Opportunities Forward

How to be proactive - rather than reactive - in sales.
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Let Sales Process Drive Your CRM Wish List

Any CRM can provide the basics.
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5 Ways for Distributors to Get ROI from CRM

CRM is more than just a sales tool.
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Peer Feedback: 8 Tips to Improve Your Sales Meetings

Keeping everyone engaged and on track is a common problem at distributor sales meetings.
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