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Mark Hill


Capitalizing on Amazon’s Weakest Link: Inventory Management

Five ways distributors can improve customer relationships with vending tools.
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Distributors Can Grow Wallet Share with Vending

Think outside the machine to gain a greater share of customers’ spend.
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Make Sales Reps Your Vending Program’s Biggest Fans

Three ways non-retail vending programs can be a powerful tool to set distributors apart.
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How Distributors Can Win with Vending

Give customers what they want: lower consumption, lower carrying costs and decrease stock-outs.
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Stop Trying to Sell Vending Machines to Your Customers

Vending machines should be free to customers as a value-added service.
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Falling Cost of Technology Helps Distributors Compete

Be selective in how you create customer value.
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Vending Programs Prove the Best Defense is a Good Offense

Focusing on new customer acquisition means ignoring the most important customers: the ones you already have.
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How to Calculate Vending ROI

Weigh these costs and benefits before venturing into the vending fray.
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Top 5 Mistakes Distributors Make with Vending

Avoid these common pitfalls that can sabotage a vending-powered VMI program.
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