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John Gunderson


It’s Time to Look at Your 2020 Manufacturer Business Agreements

How distributors can create win-win supplier agreements during an economic slowdown.
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How Distributors Can Use an Economic Slowdown to Their Advantage

Three key areas to focus on to improve profits — even during a business slowdown.
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It Takes More Than Account Managers to Drive Sales and Profitability

The digital revolution has changed the way customers gather information and buy products.
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The Highest E-Commerce Hurdle Isn't Technology

Internal buy-in is tough; the sales team has to be onboard.
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Holy Sales Targets, Batman!

In the rapidly changing world of sales, we’re not in Gotham anymore.
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Relationships or Websites? Both, Please

How to develop personal and digital relationships with “middle school” customers.
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Can You Handle the Truth?

Like it or not, how customers interact and buy is changing.
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Private Label: Time for a Second Look

Digital disruptors are moving aggressively into private label -- now’s the time to follow suit.
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The Man or Woman in the Mirror, Pt. 2: How to Get Promoted

How to break through as an internal candidate.
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The Man or Woman in the Mirror

The realities of promotion are often not fair, but they’re always reality.
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