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Alex Moazed


Neutralizing the Amazon Threat

Amazon Business is thriving — but it’s also vulnerable.
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Leaked! The Strategic Thinking Behind an Amazon Platform Alternative*

This is a fictional article about a fictional company’s fictional board meeting.
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Where Do I Start With a Platform?

It’s time for traditional B2B distributors to wield the power of platforms for themselves
Alex Moazed was a speaker at MDM’s recent forum on Amazon Business. This article is excerpted from the book “Modern Monopolies: What it Takes to Dominate the 21st-Century Economy”, which he co-wrote with Nick Johnson. ...
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Amazon Forum Preview: The Race for Second -- Will Distributors Become a Marketplace? (Part 2)

How B2B distributors can challenge Amazon at its own game.
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Amazon’s B2B Marketplace Advantage

Amazon Business wasn't always the 800-pound gorilla in B2B distribution.
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Amazon Business is a Top B2B Distributor – Now What?

Gauging the threat posed by Amazon to your business
Amazon Business is rapidly making headway in B2B distribution, but you wouldn’t know it by the reaction of many distributors. While the retailpocalypse has been in full swing for a few years now, most distributors ...
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