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Mike Emerson


Hey CFO, There's Still Something Wrong with Sales Incentives

With all the data available today, there's no excuse to keep incentivizing mediocre results.
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The Trouble with 'Best Practices'

Examine firm's strategy, market position before making change
The authors of Value Creation Strategies for Wholesaler-Distributors implore distributors to define strategy in terms of closing gaps with the market rather than operational weaknesses. Tactically driven initiatives may meet intermediate goals, but they often ...
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Align Selling Resources to the Market

Align Selling Resources to the Market
For distributors who have had to implement reductions to their sales force, there is a legitimate concern that as the number of salespeople go down, so will revenues. A three-step process exists to help mitigate ...
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Updating Sales Compensation Plans

Clear objectives make for smoother transitions
Here are two case studies with tactical illustrations of how two separate distributors revised longstanding sales compensation plans to adapt to a new competitive environment.The Margin ConundrumThis is an example of a straight-commission compensation program ...
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Salesforce Overcompensation

A wholesaler-distributor of janitorial supplies had just gone through a management succession where the son had taken over from his father as president of the company. The new president had been in the business as ...
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Product Linkage Development

Leveraging hard-to-get product to expand customer base, penetration
A large distributor of semiconductors to the OEM electronics market had a clear strategy and corporate objectives that included growth generated by expanding its customer base. One problem was the cyclical nature of computer memory ...
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Dual Compensation Plans Prove Destructive

Case study: Sales force is refocused on customers, not product
A regional medical gases distributor had been operating on two sales compensation programs for years. Historically, sales representatives were paid 100% commission. But when the company began a period of rapid expansion, managers found it ...
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Missing Sales Management

A sales effectiveness program requires good execution
The vice president of sales at a distributor of safety products was called into a meeting with the president of the company. The president informed the V.P. that he was not pleased with the progress ...
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The top sales compensation do's and don'ts

Executive summary: This article looks at the biggest errors companies make relative to their outside sales compensation programs in lean times, the 'don'ts,' as well as the activities that companies should undertake, the 'do's.' 'Much ...
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