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D. Bruce Merrifield


The Blind Spots of Pricing Strategy

Five margin and profit erosion forces that cause persistent poor financial returns.
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Strategy for 2006

Stop doing what we're doing!
Planning now to make lots of evolutionary refinements that fit nicely into our old industry and groupthink may not improve results for two reasons: We may not be as good at implementing planned changes ...
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Health Care Trends & Tools

Ride the consumer-driven health care wave
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are more than a short-term, cost-control tool; they may be the catalyst that will power a trend that already has traction called "consumer-driven health care." The trend could, in turn, transform ...
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Health Kick Your Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Programs (CWPs) have ebbed in and out of fashion since the late ‘70's, but the general trend has been for more companies - at least larger ones - to have them. Surveys unanimously ...
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Research Health Savings Accounts

Steps every firm should take now
What are HSAs?For the full answer and lots more go to and/or buy The Small Business Guide to HSA's (Author: JoAnn Mills Laing, Brick Tower Press, September 2004). The short answer, for now, is ...
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Where Has Product Profitability Gone?

If you want to know where your 'product profitability' has gone, consider this exhibit. It raises some key issues for manufacturers and distributors:There is no inherent profit power in 90% of the product volume sales ...
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Profits: A Strategic, Time-Management Assignment

Question: "I don't have time to read a book or watch a video, Bruce. Ever since we cut back on personnel to get back to break even, all of us (management) have been swamped. Don't ...
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Distribution Profitability Case Study

In his upcoming book, Reinventing Distributor Profitability, Bruce discusses six strategy maps for distribution companies to use. In this excerpt of a composite case study, he analyzes how a company revises its fill-rate strategies and ...
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Squeezing dollars from profitability reports

Executive summary: Using a distribution case study, this article examines several angles on how to use ranking reports to identify, measure and attack prime opportunities to boost productivity and profitability.During a recent phone conversation with ...
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Case study: Return on net assets trend ranking

Executive summary: This article examines how a distribution company developed an effective system (after a few years of false starts) to focus branches and frontline employees on the key factors to improve profitability. One of ...
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