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J. Michael Marks


Five Steps to Transform Your Distribution Sales Model

These tips will help your team work smarter, not harder.
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Rethink Role of Sales as You Adopt New Technology

Not long ago, field sales reps were Lone Rangers.
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Specialize & Support Your Sales Team

Don’t squander your company’s most valuable resource.
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5 Things You Must Stop Selling to Customers

These outdated elements of the traditional sales approach are wasting the client’s time.
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Are You Investing More in 2018...or Just Coasting

You may not be noticing dramatic changes in your customer base or bottom line – yet.
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Overwhelmed by New Technology? Here's What Really Matters

Start by figuring out how your customers want to buy.
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3 Risks of Management Status Quo

Why you should update your management style as your business grows.
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Crossing the Chasm

How to make the leap from lifestyle to professional management
Distributors contemplating the move from being a lifestyle business to being professionally managed need to weigh these factors first. This article includes: The difference between a lifestyle business and a professionally managed business Where plan ...
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How Digital Disruption is Fueling Distribution M&A

An owner’s interest in selling business increases when they feel threatened.
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Avoid this Mistake When Trying to Compete Online

Some distributors responding incorrectly to Amazon's latest move.
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