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Douglas Chandler


Tight Connections

Selling distribution value is critical for smaller distributors
Close relationships with customers can make all the difference to compete as a small distributor selling a premium product line in a market increasingly dominated by national chains, online purchasing and low-cost imported products. ...
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Integrated Supply 2005 Update

Part 3: Constraints and opportunities ahead
Over the decade and a half that integrated supply has developed, integrators have tackled some of the most difficult problems involved in making these agreements work. But some of those problems continue to elude efforts ...
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Integrated Supply 2005 Update

Part 2: A more fragmented market creates opportunities
This second article of a three-part series looks at the key competitors in integrated supply markets and views on how the market continues to evolve.Changes in the LandscapeIntegrated supply is evolving against a backdrop of ...
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Beyond the Factory

Expanding integrated supply into contractor markets and beyond
Two or three years ago, a group of executives at Interline Brands, Jacksonville, Fla., many of them from backgrounds in the industrial sector, saw an opportunity to help customers in the company's primary market segments: ...
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Integrated Supply 2005 Update

Part 1: The Changing Face of Integrated Supply
The integrated supply market is as fragmented today as it has ever been, if not more so. The distributors and other integrated materials management (IMM) firms who started the trend have either learned how ...
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Premium Offer Made for Rexel

Deal for $9B electrical distributor may be platform for growth
CD& R brings to the table substantial experience managing large distribution operations, most relevant being its former ownership of WESCO Distribution. The firm also was in talks last year to buy Hagemeyer.CD& R and partners ...
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Changing Horses

A distributor drops a franchise line and rebuilds
Electrical distributor F.D. Lawrence parted ways with one of its biggest suppliers a year ago, giving up a relationship that accounted for 30 percent of its profits. It was a risky move to reclaim control ...
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CoLinx and the Power of Partnership

Manufacturers' joint venture shows cost/service benefits of combining logistics and e-commerce functions.
Four competing manufacturers in the power-transmission sector took a chance four years ago. They agreed to create a jointly-owned, not-for-profit corporation to handle their logistics and electronic-commerce operations to gain efficiencies of scale. CoLinx LLC ...
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Putting Masters to Work

Master distributors find a niche in reducing costs and improving customer service
Master wholesalers today provide distributors with marketing materials, private-labeling, vendor-managed inventory and other value-added services. They have pushed beyond their fundamental value of providing fast shipments of slow-moving items to more broadly support a distributor's ...
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The Reinvention of Reps

Key lessons from the transformation of independent manufacturersメ representatives
Independent manufacturers' representative agencies are reinventing themselves in fast-changing markets, with a focus on market data and performance metrics. The change was a matter of survival. Lessons learned: Change roles and provide new services, increase ...
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