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Luke Bucklin


Service-Oriented Architecture

Another way to modernize legacy systems
Distributors have had wildly varying degrees of success in updating their legacy systems. Service Oriented Architecture provides an opportunity to preserve the value of legacy systems but doesn't pigeon-hole a distributor into an exclusively Web ...
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Web Services & XML

Two Internet technologies you should know about
Two Internet technologies are not going to fade out any time soon: Web Services and XML. Neither of these technologies is terribly new. Web Services came about in early 2002 and the initial XML draft ...
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Web Integration for Legacy Systems

There are trade-offs and compromises to integrating Web capabilities into your legacy system. If you're looking to build more than "brochureware," here's a simple guide to evaluate how complex your Web solution may need to ...
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Integrating Website & Business System

Distributors have a lot more choice today for creating e-commerce tools, catalogs and Web sites. There are two methods for displaying production system data on a website. Each has its pros & cons.One of the ...
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Back to the future: Advantages of a centralized IT infrastructure

Executive summary: As the dust and rubble from dot-com smoke and this tough economic cycle start to clear, companies are beginning to evaluate information technology challenges in a new light. As company networks become more ...
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