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Bob Srdoch


HD Supply Sales Improve 0.8% in 2010

Gains in the maintenance, repair & improvements sector were offset by declines in specialty construction and infrastructure & energy.
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Canadian Manufacturing Sales Grow 1.7% in October

Metals and motor vehicle industries help drive gain in Canada.
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EDI 101

Electronic Data Interchange has made radical changes to traditional transaction-based processes within the distribution industry over the past 20 years, from the early years of price books and POS to today's ムpaperless' environment. Implemented correctly, ...
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Business System Package Selection

Guidelines to avoid 'features creep' and other ills in buying software.
Business system package selection can be an extremely trying experience for your organization. The traditional process of creating an RFP, distributing it to potential vendors, reviewing the responses, and then sitting through hours of vendor ...
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Today's Top 10 Technology Opportunities

More than ever, distribution firms are looking at information technology projects on an ROI basis. Here are 10 ways to keep technology focused on results.1. Know your inventory2. Make technology "business-centric"3. Understand your errors4. Do ...
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