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Investment Banks’ Role in the Distribution Industry

MDM's Investment Bank Guide for Distributors outlines investment banks' primary activities.

What exactly does an investment bank do when a distributor is acquiring another company?

According to MDM’s recently published Investment Bank Guide for Distributors, an investment bank’s role may start early on, including helping the distributor with where acquisitions fit in its strategic plan, refining acquisition criteria for the business and creating a strategy for approaching potential acquisition targets.

Other tasks investment banks take on, among others, include providing valuation guidance, assisting in the financial analysis and accessing additional capital to complete transactions.

MDM’s Investment Bank Guide for Distributors is intended as a high-level view of potential services offered by investment banks serving the wholesale distribution industry. MDM also lists investment banks that serve the wholesale distribution industry in a directory.

The MDM Investment Bank Guide for Distributors answers the following questions:

  • What are an investment bank’s primary activities?
  • What role does an investment bank play in the sale of a distributor’s business?
  • What role does an investment bank play in the purchase of another business?
  • What should distributors look for when choosing an investment bank?
  • What questions should a distributor ask an investment bank?

View the investment banks serving wholesale distribution in MDM’s Investment Bank Directory.

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