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Access Now: How Shale is Changing the Energy Supply Chain

Toby Mack of the EEIA says development of shale areas has significantly altered the U.S. energy picture

If there was a list of the most controversial topics in the U.S. today, hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – would be near the top of that list. There’s a lot of discussion around how to develop the energy resources locked in shale plays and lot about whether it should be developed, says Toby Mack, president and CEO of the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance, an association that advocates for the “efficient and effective” development of energy resources in the U.S. with a focus on the shale energy supply chain.

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Mack is featured in the latest episode of MDM Executive Briefing, available now.

Development of the shale area has already increased oil production in the U.S. by four million barrels per day. “That’s more than anywhere else in the world, except for Saudi Arabia, Russia and China,” Mack says. Because of that, the world has seen increased stability in crude oil prices, even with ongoing instability in places such as Syria and Iraq.

While energy producers have a significant voice already in Washington, D.C., the EEIA wants to make sure that the voices of supply chain companies supporting those producers are also heard. These companies make up about one-third of the shale energy economy, and so including them is important, Mack says.

“And to be clear, we don’t see this as a zero-sum game,” Mack says. EEIA advocates for development of all energy sources for a stronger energy economy.

Hear more from Toby Mack on how shale energy opportunities are changing the U.S. energy market in the latest episode of MDM Executive Briefing.

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