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Management & Strategy

This blog looks at best practices and trends in managing a wholesale distribution company, as well as critical issues affecting distributors.

Distributors Must Hang Together – or Hang Separately

No individual distributor can fight and win in this time of disruption by going it alone.
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Is Inventory Sharing a Solution to Distributors’ Surplus Inventory Problem? Maybe.

Successful inventory sharing networks have six things in common, including a proactive approach to the process.
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Distribution M&A Roundup: June 2019

Recent acquisitions and significant divestments signal changes throughout distribution.
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Leadership in the New Distribution Future

Management needs to do a better job getting the team aligned around the existing opportunities to improve profitability.
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How Distributors Can Face Down Supply Chain Volatility

Use technology to smooth the process
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Will Amazon’s One-Day Shipping Kill the Distribution Industry?

Only if distributors try to beat Amazon at its own game.
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The Company That Kills You …

Qualities that have built a successful distribution company can also take one down.
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Don’t Lose Your Humanity When You Go Digital

It’s easy to fall into the trap of templated responses that sound very computerized instead of sounding very human.
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Distributors are About to Get Commoditized

Nearly every product you sell will soon be readily available, online, from other sellers who can deliver quickly, too.
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Neutralizing the Amazon Threat

Amazon Business is thriving — but it’s also vulnerable.
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