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MDM editors and expert contributors offer tips and strategies for making online marketing tools work for your company.

Report: Distributor Websites Not Keeping Up with Customer Demands

Audit of electrical distributor websites shows gap between “want” and “have.”
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Kan: Don't Sit on the Sidelines with Social Media

If you stand by and fear the technology, your customers will quickly pass you by.
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7 Online Marketing Ideas for 2013

Online marketing offers tremendous opportunity in 2013; here are seven tips for success.
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Grainger: 'We're Not Close to Being Done' with E-Commerce

Grainger's vice president of e-commerce talks about the value of the platform to the $8.1 billion distributor.
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How to Measure Social Media Marketing Success

To measure social media marketing ROI, focus on Reach, Engagement and Conversion.
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Social Media ROI Remains a Challenge

Manufacturers embracing the new technologies are still uncertain of payoff, according to PwC survey.
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How to Boost Your Rank on Google: 15 Essential Questions

Attract more customers from search engines by addressing these key questions.
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Is 'Google+' a Social Networking Game Changer?

Learn how Google+ Circles may change the way we network online.
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Twitter: 'Not a Tool - a Real-Time Mindset'

Speaker recommends taking a second look at social media tools to engage with customers and build your image online.
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How to Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Learn how to harness the B-to-B marketing power of LinkedIn.
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