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Test Your Business Strategy

Is your strategy granular about where to compete?
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The Next Frontier for Distributors: Develop Strong Marketing Capabilities

New MDM research study found that distributors of different sizes view importance of sales channels differently.
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Advice for the Transition to a New Compensation Plan

The transition to a new sales comp plan is the most challenging part in the process.
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Readers Respond: Sales Forecasting Challenges

MDM LinkedIn Group discussion: Many distributors rely on the wrong information to make sales forecasts.
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5 Key Areas of Knowledge for Salespeople

For your sales team to effectively sell your products and services, they have to be knowledgeable about your products and services.
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Match Sales Behavior to Your Company's Goals

First you must determine what those goals are and communicate them effectively.
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Three Reasons Why Distributor Pricing Can Be 'Chaotic'

Brent Grover talks about what distributors should keep in mind when approaching pricing processes.
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Grainger: Focus on Productivity Spells Opportunity for Distributors

Customers are 'scouring their businesses' for cost savings, Grainger CEO Jim Ryan says.
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The Balance of Price and Value

Distributors and manufacturers say price sensitivity grew during the recession.
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One Size Doesn't Fit All in Customer Relationships

New book: How to categorize customers to improve service levels - and lower cost.
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