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Distribution Operations

How distributors can optimize their operations for greater profitability.

Are Your Scorecards Putting Suppliers on the Defensive?

An adversarial approach may have the opposite of the desired effect.
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The Death of the Local Branch Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Branch managers in distribution are often stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
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Using your WMS to Measure and Reward Performance

Warehouse managers are using data in innovative ways to both reward performance and build an outstanding employee culture.
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Are You Investing More in 2018...or Just Coasting

You may not be noticing dramatic changes in your customer base or bottom line – yet.
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Why You Must Become a Better Distributor

Those that don't adapt are doomed to wither away.
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Learn the Latest Breakthroughs in A/R

Webcast will show you how to speed cash flow & improve customer relations.
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Amazon Enters Delivery Service Arena

WSJ report: Company's new service would "vie with FedEx, UPS."
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Recommended Reading: Don't Rely on Regulations to Fight Counterfeits

Working with channel partners is imperative to mitigate counterfeiting risk.
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Amazon Business Ups Ante with Two-Day Prime

Grainger, Fastenal shares drop 3+ percent on announcement.
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Recommended Reading: The Downside of Grainger's Pricing Initiative

Optimal pricing should offer short- and long-term positives. Why are Grainger's margins down?
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