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This blog provides analysis of mergers and acquisitions in distribution channels or affecting distribution channels.

January M&A Roundup: Strong Start to 2019

There were a range of deal announcements across all sizes of distributors, including internationally.
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December M&A Roundup: Bolt-on, Year-end Deals

Deals for the month included SureWerx’s brand acquisitions from KCP.
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November M&A Roundup: Nationals Continue to Expand

Here’s a recap of all the deals in November as reported by MDM.
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October M&A Roundup: Marketing Group Mergers Top Deals

Distribution Groups Keep Expanding Across Verticals
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The Deeper Story Behind the IDC-AD Merger

Cooperatives play important roles in industrial markets.
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August 2018 M&A Roundup: Slow & Steady Dog Days

The M&A landscape maintained a steady pace of activity during the month.
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June 2018 M&A Roundup: Deal Levels Keep Humming

Major themes continue across product sectors.
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May 2018 M&A Roundup: Strong Pace Continues

Staples Makes a Run at Essendant
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Walmart Should Buy Grainger

This is not a rumor, it’s a suggestion and it’s not one I’ve previously heard.
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