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2013 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

12. Sonepar Industrial – Top Industrial Distributors

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Sonepar Industrial

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Headquarters: Hagemeyer North America in Charleston, SC; Sonepar USA in Philadelphia, PA
2012 Revenues: N/A
Key Executives: Dave Gabriel, Sonepar North America CEO; Kathy Rusko, Sonepar North America CFO; Lisa Mitchell, Hagemeyer NA president; David Blackwood, Hagemeyer NA general manager, Carolinas region; Kyle Weber, Hagemeyer NA general manager, West region; John Jorgensen, Hagemeyer NA general manager, Central region; Robert Martin, Hagemeyer NA general manager, Southwest region; David Underkofler, Hagemeyer NA general manager, Georgia region; Pat McClure, Hagemeyer NA SVP, field support; Will Lutz, Hagemeyer NA SVP, key accounts

This listing represents industrial sales from Sonepar, including its subsidiary, Hagemeyer North America. A breakout of sales is not available for this business. Please visit Sonepar’s top electrical distributors listing for more details on Sonepar.

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