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2013 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

01. Sonepar – Top Electrical Distributors

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Sonepar Industrial

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Headquarters: Hagemeyer North America in Charleston, SC; Sonepar USA in Philadelphia, PA
2012 Revenues: $7.6 billion
Change in Sales from 2011: 12.6%
Locations: 648
2012 Acquisitions: Codale Electric Supply, international acquisitions in: Spain , New Zealand, Brazil
Key Executives: Dave Gabriel, Sonepar North America CEO; Kathy Rusko, Sonepar North America CFO

2011 was marked by several North America acquisitions for France-based Sonepar. The global electrical distributor continued to make a few targeted acquisitions in the U.S. during 2012, but its key targets appeared to be in Europe and Brazil. With the acquisition of Corys Electrical in New Zealand, Sonepar's geographic footprint reaches 36 countries.

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