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2013 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

02. WESCO International - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
2012 Revenues: $6.6 billion
Change in Sales from 2011: 7.4%
Employees: 9,000
Locations: 475
2012 Acquisitions: RS Electronics, Trydor Industries, Conney Safety, EECOL Electric Corp.
Key Executives: John Engel, CEO; Steve Van Oss, COO; Ken Parks, CFO

Over the past three years, WESCO (NYSE: WCC) has dramatically increased its focus on energy efficiency, not just for its customers but also throughout its internal operations. In 2012, WESCO surpassed its 2015 goals for greenhouse gas intensity, building energy consumption and waste generation intensity.

In May 2013, the distributor released its first Corporate Sustainability Report outlining the policies and programs WESCO uses to reduce environmental impact and how the distributor keeps this initiative front of mind.

Acquisitions in 2012 focused on expanding into complementary product lines, including the acquisition of Conney Safety, and expanding its presence in Canada. 

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