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2013 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

03. Rexel Holdings USA/Rexel Canada Electrical - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Dallas, TX
2012 Revenues: $5.8 billion
Change in Sales from 2011: 1.9%
2012 Acquisitions: Munro Distributing, Platt Electric Supply, Liteco. Rexel Group also completed acquisitions in: Brazil, U.K., Belgium
Key Executives: Chris Hartmann, US CEO; Jeff Hall, Canada CEO

  The Rexel Group recently moved its global headquarters to a new campus that highlights the company's expertise in energy management and the company’s commitment to sustainable development around the globe.

The Rexel Foundation, a charitable initiative launched by Rexel, recently released a report on how well-positioned the U.S. electrical industry is to respond to growing demand for electrical efficiency. The good news, according to the company, is that most contractors fell well-prepared to respond to the demand. At the same time, there's a lot of education that still needs to be done in this area.

Rexel continues to expand its global reach, completing acquisitions in the U.S., Brazil and across Europe.

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