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2013 Top Fasteners Distributors

EFC International - Top Fasteners Distributors

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EFC Intnl

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Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
2012 Revenues: N/A
Employees: 100
Locations: 3 branches
Key Executives: Douglas Adams, CEO; Matt Dudenhoeffer, vice president; Ted Loucks, COO; Matt Payne, CFO

Privately owned EFC International, a distributor of specialty engineered component parts and specialty fasteners, is growing rapidly, says Owner and President Doug Adams. “Things are going extremely well.” Adams says inventory at EFC is growing “by design,” and although EFC opened a new branch office and warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, in February 2013, Adams says space is a challenge. “We’re putting racks where racks normally don’t go,” he says. EFC is seeing strength in the automotive, HVAC and solar end-markets, according to Joyce Gerber, marketing manager.

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