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2013 Top Fasteners Distributors

The Hillman Group - Top Fasteners Distributors

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Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
2012 Revenues: $308.7 million (fasteners)
Change in Sales from 2011: 10.4%
Employees: 1,932 (full time and part time)
Locations: 12 DCs
2012 Acquisitions: H. Paulin & Co. Ltd.
Key Executives: Max W. Hillman, CEO; Anthony A. Vasconcellos, CFO; James P. Waters, executive vice president; Robert J. Lackman, senior vice president of operations

Hillman markets and distributes 80,000 SKUs of small hardware items. Fasteners remain the core of Hillman’s business and the product line encompasses more than 64,000 SKUs, which management believes to be one of the largest selections among suppliers servicing the hardware retail segment. The fastener line includes standard and specialty nuts, bolts, washers, screws, anchors, and picture hanging items. Hillman offers zinc, chrome, and galvanized plated steel fasteners in addition to stainless steel, brass, and nylon fasteners.

Also in 2012, Hillman expanded its fastener presence beyond retailers’ ‘brick and mortar’ locations by entering into the e-commerce segment, posting over 20,000 items available for sale on retailers’ websites. In December 2012, The Hillman Group acquired H. Paulin & Co. Ltd. in Canada.

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