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2013 Top 10 Fluid Power Distributors

05. Hydradyne – Top Fluid Power Distributors

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Headquarters: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
2012 Revenues: $246 million
Change in Sales from 2011: 16.6%
Employees: 600+
Locations: 29
2012 Acquisitions: Allen-Orton LLC; Gaines W. Harrison & Sons Inc.; Wildcat Hydraulics LLC
Key Executives: Ed Strickland, president; David Parks, EVP; Lon Jennings, VP operations; John Burtchaell, VP sales

Hydradyne has played a part in the continuing consolidation 2013 saw in the fluid power sector. David Parks, Executive Vice President of Hydradyne, says being on the buying side of M&A activity has been advantageous. “The synergies out there from consolidation are making life for the small, independent distributor more difficult every day,” he says. Smaller companies, he says, are at a disadvantage because of inventory constraints and financial limitations around training and technology investments, and larger companies enjoy the advantage of being able to share inventory over larger regions and share back-office functions, such as accounting and IT, over larger group.

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