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2013 Top Safety Distributors

Northern Safety & Industrial - Top Safety Distributors

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Northern Safety & Industrial

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Headquarters: Utica, NY
2012 Revenues: N/A
Employees: 500
Locations: 15
Key Executives: Sal Longo, CEO; Neil Sexton, president & COO; Stan Johnson, executive vice president; David Rankin, executive vice president

Northern Safety & Industrial is a national distributor of personal protective equipment, safety and industrial supplies. Toward the end of 2012, Northern Safety began offering product demonstration videos on its website, which CEO Sal Longo says make for more efficient staff training and customer education. “It’s more of what I would consider the perfect presentation,” Longo says. Northern Safety & Industrial aims to have videos for its top-selling products live on its website by the end of 2013.

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