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2014 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

02. WESCO International - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
2013 Revenues: $7.5 billion
Change in Sales from 2012: 14.2%
Employees: 9,200
Locations: 475
2013 Divestments: EECOL Electric Argentina
Key Executives: John Engel, Chairman, President and CEO; Steve Van Oss, Senior Vice Presidents and COO; Kenneth Parks, Senior Vice President and CFO; Kim Windrow, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer;Diane Lazzaris, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

In May 2013, the distributor released its first Corporate Sustainability Report outlining the policies and programs WESCO uses to reduce environmental impact and how the distributor keeps this initiative front of mind. In September, WESCO announced the sale of its EECOL Electric Argentina operations to the current management team of that business. The business was acquired in 2012 as part of WESCO's acquisition of EECOL Electric Corporation.

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