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2014 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

03. Rexel Holdings USA/Rexel Canada Electrical - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Dallas, TX
2013 Revenues: $6.1 billion
Change in Sales from 2012: 6.6%
Employees: 8,406
Locations: 617
2013 Acquisitions: Thailand,Singapore,France
Key Executives: Chris Hartmann, Rexel USA President & CEO; Jeff Hall, Rexel Canada Chairman

In 2013, Rexel’s ownership saw some shifts, with private equity firm Eurazeo and Ray Investment SARL selling partial stakes in the electrical distributor. This was the third sales of Rexel shares conducted by Ray Investment since 2012.

The Paris-based distributor increased its focus on sustainable development and alternative energy throughout 2013, with CEO Rudy Provoost releasing a book on Energy 3.0, focused on how today's energy market is one in transition.


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