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2014 Top 5 Electronics Distributors

01. Avnet - Top Electronics Distributors

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Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
2013 Revenues: $25.5 billion
Change in Sales from 2012: -0.9%
Employees: 18500 (global)/6200 (US)
Locations: 300+
2013 Acquisitions: MSC Investoren GmbH; RTI Holdings Ltd., China; TSSLink, Inc., San Jose, CA
Key Executives: Rick Hamada, CEO; Kevin Moriarty, CFO; Gerry Fay, president, Electronics Marketing; Philip Gallager, president, Technology Solutions

Between January 2012 and June 2013, Avnet completed 15 acquisitions – further consolidating the electronics industry around the globe and expanding its presence in related services. Ten of those acquisitions were in North America, with the others in China, Europe, Japan, Israel and Germany. The number of acquisitions for Avnet since 1991 is now nearing 100.

In fiscal 2012, Avnet experienced a year-over-year decrease in revenue primarily due to double-digit declines in the EMEA region in both operating groups – Electronics Marketing and Technology solutions. Avnet reported record revenue growth in fiscal 2011.

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