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2014 Top 5 Electronics Distributors

02. Arrow Electronics - Top Electronics Distributors

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Headquarters: Englewood, CO
2013 Revenues: $21.4 billion
Change in Sales from 2012: 4.7%
Employees: 16,500
Locations: 460
2013 Acquisitions: Computerlinks, Germany
Key Executives: Michael Long, president & CEO; Paul Reilly, CFO; COO, Andrew Bryant, global components and global enterprise computing solutions; Sean Kerins, president, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions; Eric Schuck, president Arrow Global Components

In 2013, Arrow Electronics launched its first formal marketing program with its new brand platform, Five Years Out. The focus on this initiative, according to Tim Kolbus, vice president of global logistics services, was to "crystallize" Arrow's role as more than just a mover of product around the globe.

Over the past few years, the company has turned much of its focus toward providing services to customers related to end-of-life concerns for electronics products, including concerns around environmental impact and data security. Arrow has completed seven acquisitions in North America over the last couple of years to directly address these challenges.

Read more about Arrow's global strategy in Arrow Electronics Plots a Global Course.

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