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2014 Top 5 Electronics Distributors

04. TTI, Inc./Mouser Electronics - Top Electronics Distributors

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Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX
2013 Revenues: $2.57 billion
Change in Sales from 2012: 11%
2013 Acquisitions: Ray-Q Ltd, Israel
Employees: 3,500
Locations: 100
Key Executives: Paul Andrews, Jr, TTI CEO

In the electronics-focused distribution world, many people would say these companies do not belong together in a single listing because their operating models are completely different. While Mouser is a subsidiary of TTI, they operate independently. That said, because Mouser is a subsidiary of TTI and because the companies' parent company Berkshire Hathaway reports them together, we chose to follow suit. TTI operates as a specialty product distributor while Mouser is more of a catalog operation, meaning the two operate in different segments of the electronics distribution world.

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