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2015 Gases/Welding Equipment Distributors

Praxair – Top Gases & Welding Equipment Distributors

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Headquarters: Danbury, CT
2014 Revenues: $6.4 billion
Change in Sales from 2013: 3.8%
Employees: 27,780
2014 Acquisitions: Lake Welding Supply; Messer Italia S.p.A's gases business; United Welding Supplies; Best Welders Supply
2014 Divestments: Industrial gases business in France
Key Executives: Stephen F. Angel, CEO

Though Praxair does have a distribution business, Praxair Distribution Inc., the company does not break out its sales for this segment of business. Instead, the company describes itself as a fully integrated industrial and medical gases company, providing the manufacture and distribution of specialty gases to a diverse cross-section of customers.

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