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2015 Top Safety Distributors

Mallory Safety & Supply – Top Safety Distributors

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Mallory Safety & Supply

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Headquarters: Longview, WA
2014 Revenues: $84 million
Change in Sales from 2013: 13.5%
Employees: 200
Locations: 8
Number of New Locations: 1
2014 Acquisitions: Interstate Safety and Supply
Key Executives: Tim Loy, president; Shawn Murray, COO

While 2014 saw solid sales growth for Mallory Safety and Supply, the independent safety distributor reports that continues to see challenges from online competition and channel overlap. More distributors from other sectors are focusing on safety products as a growth opportunity. The manufacturing and semiconductor end markets continue to be strong for Mallory, while commercial construction and oil & gas are showing weakness in 2015.

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