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2015 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

15. McNaughton-McKay Electric Company - Top Electrical Distributors

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McNaughton-McKay Electric

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Headquarters: Madison Heights, MI
2014 Revenues: $690 million
Change in Sales from 2013: 3.8%
Employees: 750
Locations: 24
Number of New Locations: 1
Key Executives: Donald Slominski Jr., president and CEO; Richard Dahlstrom, EVP sales and marketing; Scott Sellers, EVP operations; John Kuczmanski, CFO

McNaughton-McKay sells to the construction, commercial, government and industrial automation markets. The company is seeing strengths in automotive and commercial construction end markets this year, but weakness in oil & gas and tire & rubber.

The company says one challenge in 2015 is developing a new e-commerce site but has plenty of projects in the pipeline and expects 6.5 percent revenue growth for the year.

McNaughton-McKay is 100 percent employee-owned and has operations in Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina and North Carolina, and a wholly owned subsidiary, S&D Service & Distribution GmbH, in Germany.

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