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2016 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

27. BlackHawk Industrial – Top Industrial Distributors

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Headquarters: Broken Arrow, OK
2015 Revenues: $430 million
Change in Sales from 2014: -4.4%
Employees: 710
Locations: 27
2015 AcquisitionsPioneer Tool Supply; Cataleap; Pioneer Precision Grinding; Packaging Inc.; Jarvis Supply; Specialty Tool Inc.
Key Executives: Bill Scheller, president & CEO; Bob Miller, senior vice president, sales development; Derek Upson, vice president, eastern regional sales; Derek Brink, vice president, central region sales; Chris Bignell, vice president, customer experience; Bob Koch, vice president, national accounts; Rod Burdge, regional sales manager, western; Tom Miller, regional sales manager, southern; Stephen Burns, COO; Ian Hartman, vice president, supply chain/logistics; James MacEachern, CFO; Stephen Burns, CIO; George Schwenk, vice president, human resources

Acquisitions and diversification continue to be core strategies for growth for BlackHawk Industrial. The company completed six acquisitions in 2015. "Growing in a down economy" is the biggest challenge for the industrial distributor, but it is looking for growth from many angles – "everything we can get our hands on!"

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