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2016 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

32. RS Hughes Co. – Top Industrial Distributors

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RS Hughes INC

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Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
2015 Revenues: $319.9 million
Change in Sales from 2014: 7% 
: 525
Locations: 50
Number of New Locations: 1
Key Executives: Bob McCollum, CEO; Pete Biocini, president & COO; Gail Zimmerman, CFO; Joseph Vargas, vice president, national accounts; Michael Page, vice president, e-strategy; Janet Sall, vice president, human resources

The Northeast and Mexico continue to be strong markets for R. S. Hughes. But one of the growth highlights for the industrial distributor has been its robust website and P.A.S.S. program, which helps customers manage their supply chains. In 2015, about 10 percent of R. S. Hughes' sales came through its e-commerce channels. 

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