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2016 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

01. Sonepar North America – Top Electrical Distributors

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Sonepar Industrial

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Headquarters: Hagemeyer North America in Charleston, SC; Sonepar USA in Philadelphia, PA
2015 Revenues: $9.6 billion
Change in Sales from 2014: 12.9%
Locations: 1,014
2015 AcquisitionsGruppo Metal Spa; Vanas Beyond Tools; Van Egmond Group; Rexel Latin America operations; Quality Electrical Distribution; Electrical Distributors; Eck Supply Co.; Solar Deutschland; Alfa Elektriciteit; Mayflex Holdings
Key Executives: David Gabriel, North American region president & CEO

Sonepar and its subsidiaries continued their acquisitive ways in 2015 with numerous deals, though none quite as big as the one its subsidiary Sonepar North America made in fall 2014 with the purchase of Industrial Distribution Group.

Still, acquisitions remain a core part of the company's growth strategy, according to Sonepar North America CEO Dave Gabriel, who told attendees at the 2016 National Association of Electrical Distributors conference that, "In a slow growth environment, which I think we're in, execution on organic (growth) is extraordinarily important to all of us, and then selective targets on the acquisition side is even more important." The company began 2016 not quite as acquisitive, but still adding some more "selective targets."

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