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2016 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

12. EIS Inc. - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
2015 Revenues: $752 million
Change in Sales from 2014: 1.6%
Employees: 1,300
Locations: 60
2015 Acquisitions: Electro Wire; IWI, Connect-Air International Inc.
Key Executives: Bob Thomas, CEO; Larry Griffin, president; Matt Tyser, COO; Dave Brower, senior vice president, marketing; Bill Knight, senior vice president, logistics; Derek Goshay, senior vice president, human resources; Alex Gonzalez, senior vice president, fabrication & coating; Peter Sheehan, senior vice president, cable & connectivity

EIS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Co., serves diverse industries. The company made three acquisitions in 2015, the most notable being the purchase of Connect-Air International Inc., Seattle, WA, from Wincove Capital. Strong end markets for the distributor include automotive, medical, construction and alternative energy, while industrial and oil & gas markets have been weak, according to its Market Leaders nomination form. Challenges this year include oil & gas, strong dollar, the global economy and pricing pressures.

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