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2016 Top 5 Industrial PVF Distributors

01. MRC Global Corp. – Top Industrial PVF Distributors

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Headquarters: Houston, TX
2015 Revenues: $4.5 billion
Change in Sales from 2014: -23.7%
Employees: 4,100
Locations: 152
2015 Divestments: U.S. oil country tubular goods business
Key Executives: Andrew R. Lane, president & CEO

Ongoing depressed oil prices and slowed activity in the shale plays in the U.S. provided a more challenging environment for MRC Global in 2015. The company focused on "built-in stabilizing advantages during a downturn" for the year, while taking big cost-cutting measures that included closing 36 branches and cutting headcount by 19 percent – about 800 full-time positions.

In February 2016, MRC completed the disposition of its U.S. oil country tubular goods product line, the culmination of a multiyear strategy to reduce direct exposure to the volatility inherent in drilling activity.

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