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2016 Top 5 Electronics Distributors

01. Avnet - Top Electronics Distributors

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Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
2015 Revenues: $27.9 billion
Change in Sales from 2014: 1.5%
Employees: 6,800+
Locations: 97+
2015 AcquisitionsOrchestra Service GmbH
Key Executives: Rick Hamada, CEO; Kevin Moriarty, CFO

Though facing a slow-growth environment, Avnet is proving that electronics distributors are on the leading edge of new technology in distribution. The company earlier this year appointed Eric Williams to the newly created role of vice president, internet of things, for Avnet worldwide. Williams will develop and deploy a global IoT strategy, working across the company to design, develop and drive edge-to-enterprise IoT offerings.

“The pace of change in today’s global business environment demands agility and imagination,” said Avnet CEO Rick Hamada. “Given our total breadth of resources, both our customers and suppliers are asking us to develop new solutions combining multiple elements of technology from the edge to the enterprise.”

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