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2016 Top 5 Electronics Distributors

04. TTI Inc. - Top Electronics Distributors

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TTI Inc.

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Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX
2015 Revenues: $2 billion
Change in Sales from 2014: 0%
Employees: 5,000
Locations: 100+
Key Executives: Paul Andrews, CEO; Mike Morton, president, global sales & marketing; Don Akery, senior vice president, global business operations; Phil Gallagher, president, TTI Americas;  Nick Kypreos, CFO; Susan Sumners, senior vice president, information services

Electronic component distributor TTI Inc., Fort Worth, TX, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Michael Knight, senior vice president, Americas, TTI Inc., says demand for most of the company's market segments "remains sluggish with little forward visibility. On the upside, the transportation and aviation markets continue to be strong for distribution. The electronic content in everything from passenger cars, trucks and tractors, to airplanes is expanding and the supply chains for those customers really benefit from the services that distributors provide. This has been a driver of TTI’s business in Mexico in particular where we have seven proximity warehouses from which we pipeline parts for customers, with two additions planned for this year.

"On the downside, in oil and gas exploration and development, a segment that has historically been very important to TTI, demand crashed at the start of 2015 and has yet to recover."

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